Trans World provides premium service in many verticals we strive to provide stand-out services to all our clients. We make sure that our clients sparkle through every product and services we provide. We at Trans World understands every business and product need a unique approach we start by learning about our clients, we study understand and work with our clients to ensure that our products and services exceeds their expectations.

Software Solutions Development

Providing Software Solutions to Small, Medium and Large Enterprises. Selling ready made software and customised software for accounting, CRM,l and HR are for the examples. Apart from the customised software we also provide cloud set up for Server Backup, firewall solutions and big date Managment softwares for companies .

SMS Platform provider

Providing a platform with a software for customers which allows customer to do thier bulk Sms campaigns , as well as the daily transactions based incidental Sms by them self.

Providing Bulk SMS and SMS packages

Providing Bulk SMS Packages charged based on the usage or time period as per the requirement of the Customers which they can use to carry out Promotion and also to carry out efficient Customer Loyalty Programs. Buying Bulk SMS from top International Telecommunications Networks enables us in providing our customers with economical Plans and Packages for Bulk SMS

Consultancy Service and Information Studies

We have the latest technologies, methods, and process to derive meaningful information’s from random data your business collected over the years, with this information we help business to create, change and adapt to rapidly changing market conditions.

Application Development and sales

Developing Mobile Applications to Support the Software Solutions also providing the Customers with independent Mobile Applications for employees like Collections Recorder, GPS Tracking for Vehicles etc. We have Designed and developed creative, innovative and effective applications across Android, iOS and Windows Platforms for both phones and tablets. Our experience and expertise’s spans over multiple verticals too which includes games, utility mobile applications, Consumer apps, e-commerce apps, etc

Rendering Cyber Security Solutions and Maintenance

We Analyze the Cyber Risk associated with Software existing with the business and provide proper Security Solutions for the business